I joined Fitogram first as a consultant in 2013 and then Full-Time in 2015. Fitogram started out as a “Tripadvisor for Fitness” and is now Europe’s leading software for bookings in the Fitness industry. As a Head of Marketing I ran fairs and oversaw traffic acquisition, lead generation and content creation. In my last position as Head of Growth I was overseeing expansion, customer care, marketing and sales. I am particularly proud of being part of the changes that made it possible to grow monthly active users by 400% and MRR by 300% within a year and a half. All of that while achieving (or because) NPS scores of over 70. I love that we were using OKRs and a PLG approach to do so.

mymuesli was my first “real” job, aside from my civil service and some rather unsuccessful work as a barman while I was still in high school. I started at mymuesli as a summer intern in 2009 and got really quickly introduced to the power of SEM, as well as Google Analytics. Some minor web development skills helped a lot to understand what was going on. After a short time away in 2009, I joined the company as a working student, eventually having the amazing job of overseeing mymuesli’s activities in SEO, SEM and Affiliate Marketing as well as consulting mymuesli’s new product lines (Green Cup Coffee, Tree of Tea, Purmeo) on the same topics. I eventually left the company in 2014 in order to be able to focus more on my Master’s degree but I remain closely tied with it until this day.

At Urban Sports Club, a Berlin-based aggregator for Sports, I had the honor of building up SEO from quasi zero, and to introduce a Landing Page tool in order to facilitate Inbound Marketing activities. I particularly enjoyed working with brilliant people from diverse backgrounds, all centered around sports.

At Gamepix, a Rome-based aggregator and publisher of HTML 5 games, I took care of SEO activities over an extended timeframe in 2013 and 2014. I loved the interactions with the super-smart founder team around Valerio, Justine and Edouard. Also, I learned tons about web technologies and the Italian Start-up scene while I was freelancing there.